Are Curved Monitors Good For Gaming

Are Curved Monitors Good For Gaming?

Curved Monitors And Their Need For Gaming

Sometimes people get confused about choosing the right monitor for gaming. The most common question that pops up in the mind is, are curved monitors good for gaming? Where gaming monitors are concerned, curved monitors play a great role in your gaming experiences. It wraps the field of the image in a much greater display than the flat-screen monitors and gives you a balanced view. Alongside providing an immersive experience it also put a lesser strain on the eyes too. The technical advantage of curved monitors is great too. It brings a great refresh rate and quick response time. Surely, curved monitors are the best for gaming.

are curved monitors good for gaming

Advantages Of Using Curved Monitors For Gaming

  • Immersion: The quality of a great immersive experience makes one of the prime reasons to use a curved monitor for gaming. A curved monitor captures most of your peripheral vision leading to an immersive experience during gaming. Even the curvature of the monitor creates a depth like a 3D image building greater intensity to your interests. Due to this, you develop a feeling as if the game is happing all around you despite it happening just in front of your eyes.
  • Creates Greater Vision Field: The curvature of the monitor creates a FOV or Field Of Vision around you. This increases the effect of immersion. Due to a better angle of view, you can easily see the things around you. When you play fast-moving games, the curve angle more of the gaming environment is displayed to you which is not possible by flat screen monitors.
  • Less Movement Of The Head: The magic of a curved monitor is that it grabs the most of your vision. You no longer have to move your head from one corner of the screen to the other during a game. It brings everything under the control of your eyes very easily.

curved monitors good for gaming

  • Lesser Strain For Eyes: The advantage of having a curved screen is that it easily matches the angle of the eyes. Due to this, your eyes absorb the light on the screen as much as it is required. Eventually, it leads to lesser strain on the eyes and you can enjoy longer gaming sessions.
  • Extra Screen View: When you use a flat-screen monitor, it cuts down on the visual field due to the borders all around and the flat structure. A curve screen on the other hand eliminates this issue and adds more visual length with its ultra-thin aspect ratio. In fact, the more you move away from the screen the better all-around visual experience you enjoy.
  • Less Distortions: When light falls on a flat screen from the opposite end it creates image distortion and disturbance in visibility. This factor gets much reduced with curved screens as it bounces off the light in a much wider manner.