What Is The 20 20 20 Rule

What Is The 20 20 20 Rule?

Since the pandemic outbreak, not only the world has changed but also the nature of the work. Now more people are working from their homes, online. This new work culture has diversified the business to the next level. But, there also lies a big issue with spending long hours in front of the computer. Longer …

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What Is TR-1MS Monitor

What Is TR-1MS Monitor?

Monitors And Their Response Time You must have noticed by now that while you are planning to buy a new monitor and searching through the catalog, you came across multiple jargon. Indeed there are multiple things to consider while buying a monitor and one of them is to know about its response time. It simply …

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how is monitor size measured

How Is Monitor Size Measured?

Monitors And Its Measurements With the advancement of technology, different types of monitors are been manufactured regularly. This indeed has opened up a wider choice for people to pick the one they need very easily. Customers are now more informed than before too and they know what they are looking for. Two of the important …

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