Can 120 FPS run on 165Hz monitor

Can 120 FPS Run On 165Hz Monitor?

If you are a gamer then you are already aware of how important the role of a monitor is in giving you a perfect gaming experience. Of late, there has been quite a buzz in the market around the 165Hz monitor. The reason for its huge popularity is that it is the best monitor for enjoying a perfect gaming experience. Being supported by the faster panels, it has a higher refresh rate. But there also lies a lingering question in the minds of many users. Can 120 FPS run on a 165Hz monitor? So, let us dive in here and know about its details.

The Popularity Of 165Hz Monitor

To every gamer, a higher refresh rate in a monitor plays a very important role and this is why the manufacturers pay great attention to it. The higher refresh rates are capable of handling powerful graphic cards and faster games. Amongst the various types, the 165HZ monitor is one of the most popular ones. It has a superfast panel that adds a great refresh rate. If you are playing high-speed games this is the perfect one for that bringing great timing, reliability, and frequency. In fact, you can even buy it at a very budget-friendly price to make it an absolute win-win situation for both the user and the manufacturer.

Can 120 FPS run on 165Hz monitor


In a competitive business scenario, every frame matters.  Before the introduction of the 165Hz monitors, the most popular one was the monitor with 144Hz. But with time as more developed and fast-paced games began to fill the market scene, this monitor failed to cope with it. It began to show instability and overclocking issues. The 165Hz monitors brought with them faster panels which give a greater speed for frames on a reasonable budget. In this monitor, the users are finding an increase in the frame rate by thirteen percent. It makes it suitable for playing high-speed games more efficiently and smoothly.

Why Frame Matters

These days more high-speed games are being developed in comparison to the previous ones. To cope with it, a monitor with a greater refresh rate has become very essential. The 165Hz frame is the perfect one to take care of it. A high frame matters because it brings good speed and resolution to the game.

Can 120 FPS run on 165Hz monitor

120 FPS On 165Hz Monitor

A gaming monitor of 165Hz with 120FPS is the perfect combination to have. It brings a smooth service and so a greater refresh rate can easily be achieved. Users who love fast-paced games usually look for this combination. Along with adding great speed, it brings a smooth resolution too. Due to this aspect, you get a more immersive feel while playing. The 120FPS is also capable of handling monitors with lower sync caps too. Due to this versatility, it makes a perfect fit in most monitors, especially with the 165Hz one.