Do HDMI Splitters Reduce Quality

Do HDMI Splitters Reduce Quality?

Some TVs include only 1 HDMI port. The only solution will be to have one HDMI splitter. However, will the HDMI splitter be worthy of investment? Can the HDMI splitter reduce the quality? Let us find out.

The HDMI splitters won’t reduce quality much for users to notice. However, these splitters will only work with the lowest component of resolution that is attached. So, if 1 monitor is 4k and the other is 1080p, the best resolution that the splitter will provide will be 1080p.

Do HDMI splitters reduce quality

All these are just a few facts that this write-up will offer. If users want to get how these HDMI splitters work & how they can affect the quality, they are more than welcome to continue reading.

Do HDMI splitters reduce quality?

Connecting the console, TV & other devices using HDMI splitters will be a welcome gift. It will make things way easier & you will not need to keep changing all the devices for using the device that you want at a given time.

If you are a buyer, numerous questions can be there about whether this pipe dream exists or not. For helping you understand the HDMI splitters before & after buying, some helpful facts are here.

EDID effect

If you are someone who recently bought A pPS5s5 or one Xbox series X, you will know that those consoles can handle the quality of 4K. Let us assume you have a 1080p TV and HDMI splitter. Will the quality get reduced?

The math does not add up. So, the users may assume that the TV’s quality will go down. Well, it has less to do about the splitter & more to do about the EDID.

Do HDMI splitters reduce quality

EDID is the industry standard which display devices utilise. Your TV of yours, for example, is one display device. Because of that, it is normal for EDID to get applied to the TV of yours.

How does it get applied to one HDMI Splitter? EDID required these HDMI splitters to send one particular signal to both the gaming console and TV of yours. Therefore, regardless of different resolutions, both the TV and the splitter will send signals of 1080p.

Why will it not send the signal of 4k? That is because the TV of yours is a TV 1080p. It cannot get to 4K while it does not have the hardware or specs for it.

Difference between HDMI switches and HDMI Splitter

HDMI splitters have one source & send it to different other televisions that you connected. Whereas, HDMI switches can take signals from different sources. For example, the cable, game console, your TV, etc. & send single cables to your television of yours.

Do HDMI splitters cause lagging while playing games or affect gameplay?

Fortunately, HDMI splitters do not cause lag while gaming. You won’t notice any drops in FPS as long as the right equipment is being used.