Does dual monitor use more GPU

Does Dual Monitor Use More GPU?

As most of us use a double monitor setup these days, it has also become very important to know if does dual monitor uses more GPU. Indeed the two-monitor setup uses more Graphics Processing units or GPU. But it does not affect the FPS or the performance while gaming. Let us learn about it in detail so that it becomes easier for us to understand how much it consumes. This will help us to have better control over the dual monitor setup.

The Concept Of GPU

GPU is a very important type of computing technology for both business and personal use. It works through parallel processing and is used for multiple applications. Although it is used in a variety of sectors but is largely known for gaming. It adds greater resolution, speed, and refresh rates to games leading to an immersive user experience.

Does Dual Monitor Use More GPU

Factors That Leads To More Use Of GPU

The consumption of GPU by your dual monitor is depended on the purpose for which you are using the pc. If you are using both your monitors for gaming then it extends the usage of GPU for the second monitor. It puts a huge pressure on the graphics cards for increasing the pixels. This leads to more consumption of GPU.

GPU Consumed By The PC When Idle

When the computer is idle, irrespective of whether one or two monitors are attached, it does not consume any GPU. When you perform simple operations, such as toggling through the widows, doing some basic tasks, or opening an app, it will increase a bit of GPU consumption. But this increase is very minimal.

How Much GPU Is Used By Dual Monitors?

The usage of GPU for dual monitors depends on the application you are using or the game you are playing. If you are playing a high-speed game with great graphics more GPU shall be used. Likewise, when you open applications on both monitors that use high resolution, double shall be the load of pixels on the graphics cards. This will lead to more usage of GPU. It must be noted here that it is not the double monitors which are consuming more GPU but the usage of pixels. The consumption of GPU in a single monitor is very less because it consumes lesser pixels.

Does dual monitor use more GPU

How To Control The Usage Of GPU?

It is possible to bring down the consumption of GPU while playing high-intensity games by cutting down on the resolution. Once you lower the quality, immediately a check is put on the usage of the GPU. Other than this there are a few more ways of doing it.

  • Check the malware
  • Replace the outdated or corrupt drivers
  • Stop using software that uses high-intensity graphics
  • Stop the performance of background apps
  • Cut down on the optimization of FPS settings