Does Screen Size Affect Eyes

Does Screen Size Affect Eyes?

Tablets, computer screens, and smartphone displays affect our eyesight differently because of pixels. They can cause eye strain which is not something that we think about very much. But once it starts to become too much, it is not very hard to notice.


Protecting the eyes from smartphones and computer screens is very important nowadays. But effectively tackling this problem will be more about prevention of harm than treatment. Simple preventive measures can help protect our eyes from smartphones and computer screens. In this article, we will be shading some light upon a few of such measures.

Does Screen Size Affect Eyes

Does screen size affect eyes?

DES or Digital Eye Strain is very common today because virtually everyone uses a digital screen in their daily lives. While not every person spends every day looking at their computer screens, most people use smartphones. The experts suggest that this DES occurs in almost 50% of computer users.

Do screens make eyesight worse? The good news for you is that this eye strain isn’t a long-term problem. No evidence is there about the statement that strain can make your eyesight of yours worse. Nevertheless, it does cause much discomfort & makes getting through work days difficult.

How does a screen affect our eyes?

There are numerous signs which can vary depending on whether users use a smartphone or a computer. The most common symptoms of eyestrain are dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches; in extreme cases, shoulder and neck pain. While looking at high-resolution monitors or screens, we blink less subconsciously. Other pain responses may decrease too which makes the body not signal about something being wrong. It is specifically common with the usage of computers& is referred to as “computer vision syndrome”. This is maybe harmful to your overall eye health of yours in the long run.

How to protect the eyes from computer screens?

The 20/20/20 Rule

According to this rule, if you see a screen for almost 20 minutes, you should set your eyes on something that’s approximately 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Give your eyes a break during long working days with this.

Reduce Blue Light

Blue light includes a short wavelength& is known for damaging the eye. So, reduce this light by using special glasses. You can even reduce your screen’s color temperature. It is ideal for long-term usage.

Does Screen Size Affect Eyes

How to protect the eyes from phone screens?

Adjust Screen Settings

Turn on the settings of Automatic brightness or lower the brightness while you are at home to let the phone adjust depending on the environment. Also, increase the size of the text to make reading easier.

Use Night Mode

Modern apple and Android smartphones offer features like night mode that make it very easy to reduce the strain on the eyes automatically at night. So, turn this feature on &your phone will adjust screen settings automatically depending on time.