how is monitor size measured

How is Monitor Size Measured?

Monitors And Its Measurements

With the advancement of technology, different types of monitors are been manufactured regularly. This indeed has opened up a wider choice for people to pick the one they need very easily. Customers are now more informed than before too and they know what they are looking for. Two of the important aspects of a monitor while choosing have been its resolution and size. People have always wanted to know how is monitor size measured. Here it has been discussed that.

To measure the size of the monitor, you take the distance from one end of the screen to the opposite end. It is usually measured in inches. Again, this calculation is a little different for a flat-screen monitor. The entire size of a flat-screen monitor is taken as its screen size. Below you will find a step-by-step guide for measuring the size of the monitor. it will make it easier for you to measure from here on.

how is monitor size measured

Steps To Measure The Size Of The Monitor

You can measure the size of the monitor in different ways and they are easy to perform as well.

Determining The Area Of The Image

  1. Length Of Screen: With the help of a ruler measure the horizontal length of the monitor from each end. Measure only the viewing screen excluding the frame or the diameter around the monitor.
  2. Height Of Screen: To measure the height perfectly you must calculate the area of the image only. Here again, make sure not to include the border of the monitor or its frame. Using a ruler, calculate the vertical height from the top to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Calculating The Length And The Height: To find the area of the image, multiply the length of the monitor by its height. Suppose the height is 10 inches and the length is 16 inches then, multiplying the two will get you 160 square inches. This will be its image area.

how is monitor size measured

Calculating The Diagonal Measurement And Aspect Ratio

  1. Aspect Ratio By Height And Length: Each computer monitor usually has an aspect ratio of either16:10, 16:9, 5:3, or 4:3. So, suppose the height measures 10 inches and the length is 16 inches then, the aspect ratio of it will calculate as 16:10.
  2. Calculating The Diagonal Area: The diagonal area means the size of the monitor. so, using either a ruler or tape, measure the distance from the top left to the bottom right of the screen. Do not take the borders or the bezel into account.
  3. Calculating The Distance Using Pythagoras: Use the Pythagoras theorem for calculating the diagonal distance when the screen is too large for measuring diagonally. Suppose, if the height measures 10 inches, then multiply 10 by itself which will give you 100. Now take the length, suppose it is 16 inches. Multiply it by itself too which will give 256. Add 100 +256 which makes 356 and then calculate its square root. It will give you 18.9 inches, which will be the diagonal distance.