How Many Frames Per Second Can HDMI Do

How Many Frames Per Second Can HDMI Do?

We are living in an era of technology where 4K resolution is already ruling the market and 8K is on the verge of beginning soon. We have got so accustomed to high-quality content with a greater range of colors, pixels, and light that when we look back at the older resolution which we had used once, it seems a long-forgotten history. The introduction of HDMI cables has made things further easier. No matter what you connect it with, be it the pcs or the television, it transmits the best video and sound quality.

Although shopping for an HDMI cable is pretty simple it is important that you have the appropriate cable to enjoy the best user experience. There are many factors about HDMI cables that are still unknown to users. For instance, one such factor is, do you know how many frames per second can HDMI do? Let’s find out about it here along with many other factors.

HDMI Cables And Their Types

Presently, there are about 6 types of HDMI cables available in the market.

How many frames per second can HDMI do

  1. HDMI cable of standard size
  2. Standard-sized HDMI cables along with ethernet
  3. HDMI cable with high speed
  4. Ethernet-supported HDMI cable
  5. Premium HDMI cable with high speed and ethernet
  6. Ultra High-speed cable HDMI

HDMI And Its Capacity For Frames

An HDMI cable is capable of supporting an 8K resolution having a refresh rate of 60Hz. In other words, it can do sixty frames each second.

Factors That Make Each HDMI Cable So Different

  • Each category and sub-categories of the HDMI cables comes with different levels of bandwidth and so, it has different roles to play.
  • The standard HDMI is the most basic and is very slow with a bandwidth of 4.95Gpbs. These cannot support 4K resolution and so are no longer seen that much.
  • In high-speed HDMI, you will get double the speed to that of the standard HDMI. Its bandwidth is 10.2Gpbs and so it can support only 4K resolution with 24 frames each second. It cannot support high-speed games nor does it give a greater color gamut.
  • In the premium HDMI speed, you get a bandwidth of 18Gpbs that takes care of every consumer video source. It is supportive of 4K resolution with 60 frames each second. It can even support 8K resolution and more than that.
  • In the ultra-high HDMI cable speed, you get a bandwidth of 48Gpbs which makes it very high-speed game efficient. It is one of the preferred choices for gamers for this reason.

Length Of HDMI Cables

There are two lengths for HDMI cables, one is active and the other passive cable length.

How many frames per second can HDMI do

Active Cable: Length is definitive for active cable because the signal of transmission is tested as per its claims. An active HDMI cable supports transmission of 65 feet.

Passive Cable: There are two lengths for the passive HDMI cable. One is around 25 feet which supports 4K resolution and the other is about 50 feet in case of 1080p. The 25 feet cable gives a greater boost to the 4K resolution and the 50 feet cable for 1080p extends the signal up to 125 feet.