Is 1ms Better Than 144Hz?

Is 1ms Better Than 144Hz?

Are you someone who loves to play competitive games? Then, investing in a 144Hz monitor will make the best decision. Not only will this monitor offer a highly responsive and more enjoyable experience, but you will also enjoy the added benefit of having a good advantage over your opponents. If your opponents are playing using a 60Hz monitor, then you are in a win-win situation here. 

Still, wondering if is 1ms better than 144Hz? Well, keep reading this article till the very end to make up your mind about it.

Is 1ms Better Than 144Hz?

You have probably heard about how a 144Hz panel, most of the time, makes a must-have when it comes to competitive games. Once you have got your hands on a 144Hz monitor, you are certainly not heading backward. But, how much of this statement holds true? 

In this article, we will now be clarifying what a 144Hz refresh rate monitor really implies, and whether it is worth an investment, now that you know a 144Hz monitor is the best. 

Will A 144Hz Monitor Make Any Difference?

In order to utilize a high refresh rate, the frames per second or FPS should also be high. So, if you will be investing in a high refresh rate monitor such as the 144Hz monitor, you must also have a strong GPU or CPU to make the most of the refresh rate that you have been aiming for. 

Purchasing a monitor that offers a high refresh rate will further ensure there is low input lag. It will also ensure that the screen tearing is as unnoticeable as possible. This would significantly contribute to the overall gaming immersion and responsiveness. 

Although you may not feel or come across any issues while gaming on a monitor with 60Hz, once you start gaming on a monitor with 144Hz, you will certainly notice all that you must have been missing out on. 

Other Things To Consider 

Is 1ms Better Than 144Hz?

Apart from considering the monitor refresh rate, the response time offered by the monitor also makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to fast-paced gaming. Just as a higher refresh rate suggests smoother clarity and motion, if the pixels do not change from a particular color to another color in time (response time) to match the refresh rate, then it can lead to issues such as motion blur, ghosting, or visible trailing. This is one of the major reasons why most gamers prefer buying monitors that offer 1ms GTG response time, or even faster. 

The most affordable monitors offering 1ms accompanies by 144Hz, make a stellar combination for all the gaming enthusiasts out there. The same specifications are on the expensive end when it comes to the IPS and VA panels. 

Last but not the least, you must also consider buying a panel that comes with VRR technology like G-SYNC or FreeSync for the best gaming experience.