Is A curved Monitor Better For your eyes

Is A curved Monitor Better For your eyes?

Curved monitors may seem a bit uncomfortable to the eyes when you use them for the first time. But gradually, you will feel much better. Different researches show that these curved screens of the monitors are designed to provide the viewers with an immersive experience. But for the ones who have not experienced curved monitors before, it may take a bit of time for getting used to.


There are reasons why your brain takes time to adjust to the curved screens of monitors. It’s that, unlike flat-screen monitors, curved screens need more effort from the eyes. While using flat-screen monitors, we tend to move our eyes back & forth for watching the entire screen. It causes the eyes to struggle with refocusing & eventually leads to eye strain.

However, in curved monitor screens, the focal distance is uniform between the eyes & the curved screen. It reduces the need for refocusing at the screen’s centre. This is why curved monitors are comparatively better for your eyes because they can help eliminate eye strain & comfort the eyes.

Is A curved Monitor Better For your eyes

Is A curved Monitor Better For your eyes?

Curved monitors are the best options to provide an immersive gaming experience to users. They are far better for the eyes as compared to flat-screen monitors. The curved monitor is itself the ultimate technology which protects the eyes of users against eye strains and refocusing. The curved screens allow the eyes to see without the need of refocusing on various angles of the curved monitors. It causes the eyes our strain from excessive refocusing back & forth.

Other than this, different technologies are used in curved monitors for protecting our eyes of ours further. A few such technologies are mentioned below.

MVA panels

These types of panels consist of liquid crystals. These crystal cells can align between the glass panes, preferably 2, for creating a display screen that looks the most natural. These panels include a contrast ratio and colour reproduction that are high.

IPS Panels

These panels are also made up of numerous liquid crystals. They are capable of moving inside the display. There are horizontal shifting patterns which can provide a good angle of viewing to the users. It can also improve image resolution as well as colour accuracy.

Is A curved Monitor Better For your eyes

Ergonomic Design

This kind of design helps the customers to adjust the angle of viewing of the monitor as they wish. It reduces the chances of stiff necks, eye strain and back pain.

Low Blue Light

This is a new technology &is being used by each manufacturer because of its outstanding results of it. The purpose of this technology is to try to reduce the amount of emission of blue light from the screens of the monitors. It helps customers have a comfortable experience viewing. Researches show that blue light affects our body’s melatonin hormone which is responsible for harming.