Is IPS Or QLED Better For Gaming

Is IPS or QLED Better For Gaming?

IPS and QLEDboth are both two sophisticated technologies. Of course, some features set these two apart from one another.

Firstly, qled is way better at delivering an image with high quality. However, when it is to the angle of view, IPS wins. In the following section, we will be revealing more about the differences between the two technologies. Let us check it out!

What is qled?

QLED or Quantum Light-Emitting Diode happens to be more like the standard LED TVs. But it can power up the picture of it with microscopic nanoparticles that are known as quantum dots. These dots are 2 to 10 nanometers in diameter. They can produce varied colours depending on the size.

What is IPS?

The In-Plane Switching or IPS display includes excellent colour accuracy. This technology has garnered immense popularity among video editing professionals, designers and photographers thanks to its superior image quality of it. The screens also maintain their image sharpness and colour accuracy from various viewing angles. Unfortunately, gamers will not be much crazy about IPS because of its slow refresh rate and low frame rate.

IPS Or QLED Better For Gaming

Differences between IPS and QLED: Is IPS or Qled better for gaming?

Colour accuracy

Both technologies produce images of high quality. However, when it is to accurate performance, QLED surpasses.

The performance of colour is high with the QD screens. The Quantum dots can emit light in various hues based on their size of them. What is more, is the light adjustable for creating a specific shade of illuminators.

The innovation of quantum dot is perfect to manufacture displays with ultra-high-resolution because of the maximum brightness, contrast ratio, intensity, and increased colour accuracy of

Viewing angle

In general, QLED televisions offer an angle of view of twenty to forty degrees. The best angle of it will be the dead centre.

On the other hand, the screens of IPS LCD feature minor colour alterations that can be seen from different angles of viewing and no picture distortion. They will offer luminance and constant contrast too.


Using the innovation of quantum dot, users can get a high chance of associating with various devices such as:

  • Laptop and computer display
  • Latest television models
  • Mobile devices and smartphones
  • Other electronic devices

All the dots can serve different purposes too.

Sunlight visibility

Pictures and colours on the IPS display are more visible under direct sunlight or solid outdoor lighting as compared to other Technologies. QLED, which produces pictures of high quality, does not have characteristic sunlight visibility. Rather this feature gets more attention in the IPS.

Is IPS Or QLED Better For Gaming

Energy consumption

A typical display IPS consumes almost 15% more electricity as compared to a QLED. It needs a backlight that is very bright for enhancing display sharpness. It results in quicker battery degradation and energy usage.

So, based on all these features, gamers are free to understand and then choose between the IPS or QLED for their gaming purposes. It comes down to their personal preferences to determine a winner.