Is it worth upgrading from a 3060 Ti to a 3070 Ti

Is It Worth Upgrading From A 3060 Ti To A 3070 Ti?

Upgrading From 3060 Ti To 3070 Ti

Sometimes one might wonder about making a shift in the graphics cards but also at the same time find it challenging to trust if the shift might be productive. To enjoy a more immersive gaming experience, it is common for gamers about experimenting between different graphic cards and monitors. But there is indeed a thing of concern in the background. Is it worth upgrading from a 3060 Ti to a 3070 Ti? Let us research a bit further and find out all about it.

Benchmark Between RTX 3060 Ti And RTX 3070 Ti

As far as the best gaming experience is concerned, both RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti are almost similar except for a few differences. Both of them also fall under the mid-budget range GPUs. If you talk about speed, you will see that the RTX 3070 Ti is a bit faster by 10.2%. So, this clears the doubt that in comparison to 3060 Ti, 3070 Ti shall perform much better. But the question lies here how much different are they?

If you check the boost speed and the base clock speed in 3060 Ti you will see it gives 1665 MHz and 1410 MHz. Whereas the same parameters for 3070 Ti are much greater. It adds 1770 MHz and 1575 MHz. Even the bandwidth is vastly different too. In 3060 Ti it is 448.0 GBps whereas in 3070 Ti it reads 608.3 GBps. So a greater bandwidth along with a greater speed is assured in RTX 3070 Ti.

Is it worth upgrading from a 3060 Ti to a 3070 Ti


The ampere architecture of both 3060 Ti and 3070 Ti is the same and so, certain fundamentals such as the transistors, process node, die size and cache are the same. Indeed in every aspect, the 3070 Ti has more power than the 3060 Ti. If you look at the CUDA cores, in 3060 Ti there is a mere 4864 cores whereas in 3070 Ti you get 6144 cores.

No matter how you may observe both these graphics cards you will see 3070 Ti has a greater advantage in every aspect, despite both sharing the same memory space of 8GB. Even there is almost a similarity in the consumption of power in both these models because they both operate through a twelve-pin connector.

Other Important Components And Similarities

In both 3060 Ti and 3070 Ti, you will find the same features. Tensor cores belonging to the third generation are found in both. It increases the performance of tasks related to AI. Even the RT cores of the second generation are found in both. It delivers the results quicker and supports shading capacities too. In addition to these, even the GPU of multi-instance servers too administers the same task size. So, even though these both have multiple similarities, they share a few differences too which makes the RTX 3070 Ti a much better one than RTX 3060 Ti.