Is OLED Better Than 4k

Is OLED Better Than 4k?

You are not alone if you are wondering which one 4k or OLED is better. There are OLED televisions which do not offer 4K resolution (instead, they go for the costly 8k resolution). There are many 4K TVs available which do not use the display technology of OLED.

Why 4k vs OLED?

It is not really about a case of 4K versus OLED. The former refers to the resolution of new televisions & the other refers to display technology. The users can find OLED televisions with 4K resolutions. There are many televisions in 4K which use display technologies like QLED, micro-LED, LED, and LCD that are not like OLED.

Is OLED better than 4K

Do the customers need 4K? Maybe they do. To plump for televisions with a lower resolution will be to ignore a very important and mainstream TV feature. This is not true about OLED. It is a step-up flagship TV display Technology which needs a significant and extra outlay. It is becoming more affordable every year. Still, customers should make active decisions for buying OLED TVs only after they understand why it is the best one out there.

What is OLED?

OLED refers to Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It is different from regular LED displays and utilises a carbon-based and organic film. So, in practicality, an OLED TV may be thinner than regular LED TVs and can produce a significantly rich picture.

4k TV

4k refers to the screen resolution of a television, that is, the number of pixels that the television has. More pixels guarantee better clarity. 4k TVs contain four times the pixel amount as a standard television in HD.

Is OLED Better Than 4k?


Colour Quality

The pixels in OLED TV can produce many colours and OLED has better representations of colour. 4k LEDs and LCDs lack saturation and colour richness vibrancy when compared with OLEDs.

Is OLED better than 4K


The drawback of the OLEDs is that they can’t output peak brightness. On the other hand, as the 4k LED Technology is getting evolved day by day, their screens are becoming brighter.


The OLED TVs can support the high-definition resolution of 1920 X 1080. The 4K LEDs can support a 4K resolution that is 3840X2160.

Black Level

OLED TVs are capable of producing deeper blacks because the screen is powered by numerous individually lit pixels. The 4k LED TV screens are not capable of producing deep blacks due to the source of backlit LED.


The screen contrast of OLED TVs is uniform because the pixels on the screens are lit. The background of the 4K LED TVs is typically brighter than the screen’s centre because of the backlit screen. This won’t be uniform.

Both 4K LED screen TVs and OLED TVs have their strengths. The deep blacks and picture quality give OLED extra points whereas 4K LED has better image sharpness and resolution. However, the ultimate decision will have to be taken by the users.