What Are The Disadvantages Of Dual Monitors

What Are The Disadvantages Of Dual Monitors?

Besides the advantages, there can be quite of few cons to using dual or multiples monitors. Given below are some of the few disadvantages that can arise while using dual monitors.

What are the disadvantages of dual monitors?

Added Costs

Using one additional monitor requires the users to buy some extra equipment. Besides the monitor model itself, they may need a stand & Some other accessories for getting their desks to function just the way they want them to. It will not be necessarily something huge as an expense, As the users can find the monitor models for as low as $100. For brand new businesses or solopreneurs though, It can be very difficult to dedicate their finances to creating this setup of the monitor as they do not have many resources.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Dual Monitors

Less Desk Space

Dual monitors are going to occupy more space on the desks of the users as compared to one single monitor. The modern monitors are not necessarily as heavy as the older ones, but they still leave the users with Inadequate space for planners, documents & other items. Unless the user is What we call a neat freak, it will be very easy for whatever amount of the desktop is left over to become very cluttered.

According to one study that was performed at a New Mexican University, a cluttered environment leads to poorer mental health, less efficient thinking & a series of other issues. This set-up of monitors can also need the users to buy a new one that depends on the current desk size of the users. It represents another extra expense.

More opportunities to get distracted

One of the numerous factors which draw many users to the concept of using dual monitors is a simple thought that it can help them multitask. But for many users, this can simply mean doing office work on one monitor & having the other one constantly focused on different social media platforms or email.

In most cases, all of these messages and notifications are only going to produce distractions for the users from the task that is due and at hand. Furthermore, many scientists have found out that multitasking cannot even be considered an effective strategy.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Dual Monitors

Expert comments

Earl Miller, an expert MIT neuroscientist once said in one interview that when people think they are multitasking, they are just going from 1 task to another rapidly. And each time they do, there is a cognitive cost while doing so.

Empty Pixels

Some advocates are there who believe that one single wide-screen monitor can be more effective as compared to dual screens. The reason simply is the “dead air” that is between the visible zones of the monitors, it can be very distracting to the eyes. If the monitors aren’t implemented correctly, there can be a potential resolution and color mismatch which can be troubling for viewing.