What Is A 4K Monitor

What is a 4K Monitor?

All That You Need To Know About A 4K Monitor

If you research a bit in the market, you will see that both the demand and the supply of 4K monitors are a little higher than the other resolutions available. In fact, if you ask anyone about their preferred monitor, most of them would say that it is the 4K monitor. But do you know what is a 4K monitor and why is it so popular? You need not have to worry if you do not know because in a while you will get all the answers.

what is a 4K monitor

The 4K Monitor

A 4K monitor is also popularly called the UHD or Ultra-High Definition monitor. This monitor has the capacity of supporting 4K resolution. It is a standard for High Definition, or in other words, it calculates the resolution. You must have seen HD televisions and Blu-Ray CDs. It contains a resolution of 1080P which means, the resolution it displays for an image contains a width of 1,920 pixels and a height of about 1,080 pixels. But in a 4K monitor, the resolution is much higher than that. It adds 4,000 pixels almost, which is just double the regular HD resolution and so it is called UHD. 

Types Of 4K Monitors

There are two types of 4K monitors available. One is 4K UHD and the other is 4K DCI.

what is a 4K monitor

  • 4K UHD: In 4K UHD, 4K is defined as International Telecommunication Union or ITU more commonly. It contains two times more vertical and horizontal resolution than is found in a complete HD system. It calculates a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The television industry has adopted this system. It is also largely used for computer and gaming monitors too
  • 4K DCI: In 4K DCI, 4K is defined by the term Digital Cinema Initiatives or DCI. It has a horizontal resolution which is much more than the 4K UHD. Both the vertical and horizontal resolution in it measures 4096×2160 pixels. It is more than projectors and is so, used by the film industry. 

Factors That Make 4K Monitors Special

4K monitors have a greater range of pixels than other HD monitors. When you watch something on a 4K monitor it increases your visual experience with more vibrancy, clarity, and sharpness too. it even makes the image appear larger on the monitors without any compromise on the picture quality or resolution. Even though the UHD quality of the images makes one prefer this more over a regular HD monitor but it has more to offer.

These days, content is mostly created using the 4K resolution standards and so this monitor has become the most appropriate for it. To enjoy the best visual quality, the 4K monitors have become the new benchmark for that. It makes the best standard for gaming and computer monitors