What Is Gaming Monitor Response Time

What is Gaming Monitor Response Time?

While it is about picking the perfect gaming monitor for the customers, it pays to gather knowledge about the response time of it &importantly, if it will be good for the setup.

Response time is, as with refresh rate, very simple on the outside. But once the users understand a bit more, they can start to make differentiations &increase their chances of bagging a good monitor for their needs.

What is the response time?

Response time is the amount of time a pixel takes to change, specifically it’s color of it. The users will find that many brands refer to response time as GtG which stands for ‘Gray to Gray’ & therefore the time a pixel takes to change from various shades of grey.

As the users think about how fast something like this can happen, it happens in milliseconds. This is why they will find response time listed as 5ms, 4ms, 1ms & so on. A low response time means the images will look very smooth &will ‘feel’ very responsive to movement. It makes a low time of response better for gaming.

What Is Gaming Monitor Response Time

What is gaming monitor response time?

For players who play for winning games, a TN monitor that has a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of 144hz will be a good call. This being said, if the gamers are after pure cinematic immersion, response time should not be the number 1 priority. In this case, they should go for 1 of the best and bigger hmdi 2.1 monitors instead, especially if they have got an Xbox series x or a ps5.


Finding top-tier monitors with good response time for the gaming rig of users is important to serious gamers who are looking forward to making each millisecond count. Short response times can not only make sure that the users enjoy a perfect visual experience but can also reduce strain on the eyes during the long hours of raids. That said, calculating the best time of response for gaming monitors can be very intimidating to users who are not familiar with the ins &outs of panels and monitors.

Key takeaways

  • Response time can play a role in the input lag. However, it is more about the visual experience of the users. Additionally, setting the contrast levels and right brightness can enhance the experience further.
  • A low response time is perfect for gaming monitors. Typically, 1 to 5ms is considered a good range.
  • Between IPS and TN monitors, TN has a response time that is slower at the great expense of colors that seem more accurate. However, they’re way easier for accessing due to a low price point.

What Is Gaming Monitor Response Time

If the users are in the market to get a monitor that is priced reasonably and will make their games of them look the best, they should go with the one with the TN panel. It will be best to weigh their options of them before making the purchase.