What Is IPS Gaming Monitor

What is IPS Gaming Monitor?

IPS has had a reputation for being the choice of non-gamers for a long. IPS or In-plane switching largely corrects the shortcomings of TN like poor angles of viewing and bland colours. However, until recent times, IPS was not considered for gaming because of its high input lag and slow response time. There were issues of backlight and high cost too. But all that changed &now you can very likely find the nearest gaming monitor of yours having an IPS panel.

Upgraded IPS panels

This is because the modern IPS panels include superb angles of viewing and lovely colours with low input lag and impressively quick response. There is, in fact, barely any significant difference as compared to the LCD technology that is fastest among the lot that is TN. It still suffers from problems with viewing angle and colour depth.

What is IPS gaming monitor?

Speaking of advantages, the IPS panels have improved in three major areas that are backlight issues, cost efficiency, and response time. But these improvements did not affect the existing qualities. With IPS gaming monitors, users can get hands down the best colours.

Regardless of the colour space, the IPS panels get the users closest to the artists’ original intent as compared to any other types of panels. In other words, the users get a colour depiction that seems perfectly accurate with IPS. If the users want to enjoy their games of them in the liveliest colours possible, they should opt for IPS.

Viewing angles

This is another area where the IPS panels stand head & shoulders above The other competitors in the market. With approximately 178/178 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical axes, the IPS gaming monitors prove to be capable of retaining brightness levels consistently even from angles that seem extremely low. A user can be standing five metres off to one side of the IPS monitor of them, having lunch on their break from a heavy gaming session & still not notice a huge difference in the quality of the image. Whereby with the VA or even TA, most of the pictures will be reduced to absolute mush.

what is ips gaming monitor

This makes the IPS gaming monitors perfect in flexibility in where the users place themselves while gaming & for local coop in case the users have many people gaming on a single screen or at least watching when they are gaming. IPS is thus regarded as the most sociable among all LCD technologies.


In summation, IPS gaming monitors are not just viable. They are now advisable. This technology has perfectly outgrown its past limitations of it & presently offers its advantages of angles of viewing and great colours with zero strings attached. Now it is time for the users to choose a good IPS to monitor from a reputed company that suits all their gaming preferences.