What Is The Largest Curved Monitor

What Is The Largest Curved Monitor?

The Largest Curved Monitor

Curved monitors indeed have their specialty which makes them a highly demanded one in the market. This type of monitor makes for great optimal viewing and more peripheral vision. It helps to balance the image to the capacity of human vision leading to a smooth viewing and gaming experience. Generally, curved monitors follow three variations of measurements which are, 1800, 3000, and 4,000 R. But do you know what is the largest curved monitor? Quite recently, Samsung has come up with the largest curved monitor named The Samsung Odyssey Ark. It has a curvature of 55 inches. 

what is the largest curved monitor

Samsung Odyssey Ark

There are a few different brands of computer monitor manufacturers that make large-sized curved monitors. But very recently Samsung has made the largest curved monitor by the name of Odyssey Ark. The screen of this curved monitor measures 55 inches. It also has a unique stand that allows you to flip the monitor vertically as well. 

Features Of The Odyssey Ark

This is a next-generation monitor which is greatly flexible making it a perfect fit for people who look to use it for gaming purposes or editing work at home. Along with the 55 inches display, it also measures an aspect ratio of 16:19. In this monitor you will also find an ergonomic designed adjustable stand for its height which can be tilted so that you get comfort while gaming. The new addition of vertical-styled cock-pit rotation has been given to the display so that the gamers get the best experience of landscape or portrait orientation. It is the best monitor for multi-widow or multi-tasking setups while gaming.

The Advantages Of The Odyssey Ark

what is the largest curved monitor

In highly advanced monitors from Samsung, the Multiview option shall help the users to adjust the screen in exactly the way they want it. It would make the game or the program completely adaptable to the size of the screen size without making any compromises. This will lead to a more satisfying gaming experience. The bright lights and the 4K display would further enhance the experience of the colorful images. In this monitor, a dial controller and wireless features are also added that increase the efficiency of managing the interface and lighting.

 The Benefits Of The 16:19 Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of 16:19 elevates the experience furthermore. It is not the same as the previous 32:9 super-ultrawide monitors even though the curve looks almost the same. Unlike the traditional aspect ratios, this curved ratio stretches the image further and gives a well-rounded view, much better than the previous ones. It eliminates the screen wastage space that occurs in traditional frames and gives a full user experience, especially during a game.  Indeed these days monitors and T.Vs have become more alike with such advanced inventions.