What Is TR-1MS Monitor

What is TR-1MS Monitor?

Monitors And Their Response Time

You must have noticed by now that while you are planning to buy a new monitor and searching through the catalog, you came across multiple jargon. Indeed there are multiple things to consider while buying a monitor and one of them is to know about its response time. It simply means how much time a pixel in the monitor takes to change from one color to the other. A monitor that has a lower response time is the best one. So, this might prompt you to ask what TR-1ms monitor mean. As we read further, we will find out everything about it.

what is tr-1ms monitor

Response Time Of The Monitor

In a monitor, the response time is determined by the promptness with which it switches from one color to another. The faster the pixel is, the lower shall be the response time. It is always important to have a monitor with a lower response time to enjoy greater visuals. You will notice this aspect more in high-speed games with a greater frame rate. You must remember that it is different from the refresh rate.

Importance Of The Response Time

Response time creates a huge difference to the on-screen visuals especially if it is a fast action one. It measures how quickly the pixel is capable of changing from one shade to the other. Various shades of grey in it signify the intensity with which color would appear on the screen through the filter in the monitor. The deeper the shade of grey, the lesser the light that would pass through it and reach your eyes.

what is tr-1ms monitor

Measurement Of The Response Time

The unit for measuring response time is in milliseconds as a single frame over a standard monitor of 60Hz remains on the screen for about seventeen seconds only. So, suppose you are using a 144Hz monitor, the TR-1ms means, for a response time of 1ms the panel would spend 144 milliseconds each second while changing frames. It leaves 856 milliseconds to the actual frame. Due to this aspect, you will enjoy a great gaming experience. The TR-1ms monitor thus means a total response time of 1 millisecond in a monitor.

The pixels must transit quickly because that would determine the speed at which the next frame shall occur. A longer response time shall lead to Ghosting.


When the pixels take a long time to respond to remove the trails of the existing image while switching between the shades of grey, it is called Ghosting. It matters a lot especially when you are gaming. So, to experience minimal Ghosting, you must choose a gaming monitor that has a 1ms response for GTG pixel. Another thing that you must also consider is the overdrive in the response time of the pixels. It will determine how well the pixel is capable of transitioning from one refresh rate to other.