What Should I Get Instead Of A 3070

What Should I Get Instead Of A 3070?

The Best Option For Graphics Card Other Than 3070

It has become a universal truth that more options, it is bound to keep you confused. And this applies to graphics cards too. Each time upgraded graphics cards are been introduced in the market it leads to confusion of choice for experiencing a greater gaming experience. RTX 3070 indeed gives a great gaming experience but are you looking for something better and wondering what should I get instead of a 3070? Here you shall find everything that you need to know. One of the best alternatives shall surely be the Radeon RX 6800 XT.

Radeon RX 6800 XT

What should I get instead of a 3070

You will find some of the best features in this graphics card for elevating your gaming experiences to the next level. It brings a double architecture with raytracing hardware which gives a very high performance than 3070 in 4K gaming. The addition of FidelityFX cuts down the lag. Even the display technology in it is more advanced. The support with 4.0 PCI Express makes great sense because it enhances the user experience much more. It even offers a great memory capacity, keeping 16 GB at the helm of your usage.


You will get connectors for two display ports, one HDMI port, and one port for USB-C. This makes it further easier when oy try connecting more monitors to the pc. It requires a power supply of 750 W which is a little more than RTX 3070 but it is surely justified ask looking at the features it brings. You will get a game clock of 2015MHz and the boost clock can further be extended up to 2250MHz.


The double eight-pin standard power connectors limit the power consumption to 300W to a maximum based on your usage.  The two architecture design gives a greater boost to the performance, making it compatible with high-speed games or even during intensive graphic sessions.

Design And Performance Delivery

The body has a premium-designed shroud with a backplate of aluminum which has been die-cast. Even the axial fans you will find have a specialized customized design. Alongside keeping it cool it shall also operate noiselessly. Surely this is the best bet when you are looking for an alternative to 3070. Through the type-C USB, a greater display and powerhouse performance are assured.

The performance and graphics get intensified with frame rates that are ultra-high, elevating your 4k gaming experience much higher than 3070. The newly added powerful units are a bonus. If you pair it with the perfect processor, it will give you an experience that you have never got. The vivid visuals bring to you a further immersive experience with rich details and reflections, added by DirectX Ultimate 12. You can expect a gaming experience with shadows and realistic lighting.