What Will Happen If You Sit Too Close To Your Monitor

What Will Happen if You Sit too Close to Your Monitor?

Nowadays people spend long hours staring at computer monitors whether it is on Facebook, at work or on other social media platforms. Recent studies have discovered that staring or sitting too close to the monitor can be straining the eyes.

Looking at a screen closely forces the ciliary muscle of users, which controls the lens shape of our & therefore how well they focus, to stay contracted without any rest. It is very tiring and demanding for this poor little muscle. If we focus up close, it also makes us stop blinking. 

What will happen if you sit too close to your monitor? Is it bad for your eyes if you sit too close to your TV?

What will happen if you sit too close to your monitor

There is no proper evidence that sitting excessively closer to your television can damage your eyes. However, it may lead to eye strain, but that is temporary. If the children of yours are staring at video game screens, computers or TV for a long period, there grows a tendency for them not to blink. You should encourage and compel them to take small breaks & look at something else at a distance.

Compared to adults, in reality, children can focus much better up close without eye strain. It is, however, very important for you to understand that there is a difference between cause & effect when it is to watching television up close. By any chance, if you see that your children of yours are sitting way too close to the television, while this may not cause near-sightedness, it can be an indication about your children are already near-sighted. You may want to get them checked by an eye doctor for this condition. To prevent further problems, try keeping an eye on the viewing frequency and habits of your kids while they are playing video games on computers or watching TV.

Eyesight and electronics

What will happen if you sit too close to your monitor

Our eyes see only a tiny percentage of an electromagnetic spectrum. That percentage is referred to as visible light & the wavelengths of the light emit between almost 390 nanometres & 700 nanometres. The electronics tend to emit harmful blue light that has a wavelength of almost 380 to 500 nm. Long exposure to blue light may cause discomfort and eye strain that can be treated by sleeping. The FDA regulates electronic products that emit radiation & radio-frequency phones & consistently tests for the potential health effects that are related to eyesight. It should be kept in mind that although viewing a TV screen up close is considered relatively safe; the high-energy, blue waves can still cause blurry vision and eye discomfort if looked at a stretch.

Nonetheless, taking regular and short breaks from looking at your screen is important and far better than longer and fewer breaks. It is also important to ensure that the room lighting and seating positions are set to prevent harm too.