Which Monitor Is Good For Gaming Curved Or Flat And Why

Which Monitor Is Good For Gaming Curved Or Flat And Why?

Flat Screen And Curved Screen Monitors

Curved monitors are indeed very new to the industry compared to flat ones but in a short while, they have become hugely popular amongst its users. This has often given arise to a debate on which monitor is good for gaming curved or flat and why? Flat-screen monitors are indeed good and are very useful too but looking at it from the gaming perspective, curved-screen monitors shall be the best choice. Below it has been discussed what makes curved screen monitors the best ones for gaming.

which monitor is good for gaming curved or flat and why

Advantages Of Curved Screen Monitors

Along with a nice sleek appeal to their look, curved screen monitors have many technologically upgraded functions in them. This makes them more suitable for gaming purposes than flat-screen ones.

  • Immersive Experience In Viewing: Curved Screen monitors brings an immersive experience that flat screen ones fail to deliver. The advanced use of technology increases greater height, width, and length immersing the vision in it completely. It is not possible with flat-screen monitors.
  • Lesser Distortion: Flat-screen monitors have greater issues with image distortions and it leads to a poor gaming experience. Due to the curvature screen, the curved screen monitor keeps the levels of distortion very low and delivers a more complete optimized gaming effect like a 3D vision.
  • Wide Angle Viewing: A complete viewing matters a lot especially when you are gaming. When you use a flat-screen monitor a lot of screen space gets limited due to its structure and frames. This factor receives eliminated while using a curved screen monitor. It covers a more significant screen space and gives a much broader feel to the vision. When you move away a bit from the curved screen you get the effect in a much better way.

which monitor is good for gaming curved or flat and why

  • Comfort For The Eyes: Due to the curved arc of the screen, lesser strain falls on the eyes because it matches the angle of vision very easily. You can spend more screen time on this too. Contrary to it, flat screen monitors channel the light more straightforwardly, directly on the eyes. This turns the eyes fatigued more quickly.
  • Larger Image Size: The curved surface of the screen builds greater density and depth to the image making it appear large and prominent. It also has a quick response time. This visual experience is not found in the flat screen ones. While the flat screen is perfect for professional use but visual experience matters a lot when it comes to gaming. 
  • Realism: The joys of using a curved screen monitor while gaming is that it gives a more visual effect than the flatscreen one. It creates an illusion of a gaming environment around you. This matters a lot, especially during highly action-packed games. This thrill of experience lacks in flat-screen monitors.