Why Does My Monitor Say No Signal

Since the lockdown, we have started doing our office work or our education work from our homes. For work from home, you require a monitor that will fulfill all your work and technical needs. You also need an internet connection that works as fast as possible and without any technical glitches. When all these things meet the needs, then you don’t want your monitor to get acquired with the most basic monitor problem, why my monitor says no signal.

The whole world is blessed with the invention of the internet. The internet helps us with our daily chores and also our professional work. If the internet starts giving us trouble it irritates us as it will become difficult for us to complete and submit our work on time. Whenever the monitor is not supporting the internet service, it becomes the most frustrating issue ever. As the world’s driving fuel is the internet we can’t spend a minute without its presence. 



Samsung S40VA Monitor

  • Built in WEBCAM

  • Extra Clarity

  • Facial Recognition

Acer SB220Q Monitor

  • Widescreen IPS display

  • 21.5 inches Full HD

  • Tilt angle -5 degree to 15 degree

LG 24MP88HV-S Monitor

  • Full HD IPS Monitor

  • On Screen Control with Screen Split 2.0

  • The viewing angle of this monitor is a complete 178/178

AOC 24B2XH Monitor

  • Streamlined design

  • IPS panel for wide viewing

  • Flexible mounting options

Sceptre E225W-19203R Monitor

  • HDMI, VGA build-in speakers

  • Security : Kensington Lock

  • Fast response time

Asus ProArt Display PA248QV Monitor

  • Professional artist monitor

  • Accurate image reproduction

  • Extensive connectivity

  • Protect your eyes

When the issue of why my monitor says no signal comes up, then it means, your monitor is having a problem with getting a signal and there is no display. If your monitor has no signal then the screen doesn’t display anything but a message saying ‘no signal’. Usually, this is a hardware problem but it could even happen due to a loose cable. So you must always check that all the cable connections are tight and all the switches are turned on. 

And not only this but even when your computer is completely activated it might suffer problems like, why does my monitor say no signal when the computer is onwhy does my monitor say no signal when HDMI is plugged in and why does my monitor say no signal when I turn it on?

These are common and constant problems with monitors. These problems can occur due to multiple cable connections at the same time. 

There are many more reasons that can cause the problem of why my monitor says no signal. Loose and damaged wires are the most common causes of this issue. Expired hard drives or any other hard drive issue can cause this problem. Also, faulty monitors or poorly configured displays can result inducing this problem. 

Different Methods To Fix The Problem, ‘Why My Monitor Says No Signal

When the problem of ‘why my monitor says no signal’ occurs and you have important and immediate work to do on your monitor, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. But if you take your monitor to a repair shop then they might take days to repair it and cost you a lot of money. 

So you need to repair the monitor on your own without consuming maximum time and money.

Here are some easy and affordable Factors to fix the no-signal problem in your monitors. 

  1. Check all the cables- you must check all the cable connections to see if any connection is loose or not fixed properly. Check for any possible physical damage to the cable. See if all the cables are connected to the right port. Unplug all the cable connections and then replug them just to be sure they are connected well. 
  2. Power source- the monitor has a separate connection for power. So you must check whether the monitor is connected to its power source. Make sure the power button is on properly. Some monitors even have a start/power button on their side, so make sure you have also turned it on. 
  3. Restart your monitor- restart your monitor to set all the things and drives inside it properly. It might help in overcoming the issue of why my monitor says no signal. It is a very simple and the same process for every monitor. You have to press the start button for a longer time than usual and the monitor will restart automatically. 
  4. Check the external adapters- you must check all the adapters that are externally connected to your monitor. A faulty adapter can cause the problem of no signal. A different type of adapter could be a problem. If the adapter is not suitable for your monitor, it can cause the same issue. 
  5. Replace expired hardware drives- you must always keep up with the hardware drives of your monitor. An expired hardware driver can cause this problem. If your hardware drive is outdated, you must replace it with an updated hardware drive as soon as possible. Also, check for any loose components in your monitor while changing the hard drive. 
  6. Check the cable connections with different monitors- if you think that all your cables work properly then you must check if they work properly for other devices. If any other monitors don’t show the same problem then you must realize that there is a problem with your monitor. You must get it repaired as soon as possible. 
  7. Set the resolution configuration- if the resolution configuration of the graphic card is set higher than the monitor can handle then it might show problems of why my monitor says no signal. You must set the resolution configuration to a level where your monitor can process it and work accordingly. 
  8. Reset the CMOS- sometimes the battery of the monitor can get exhausted due to the overload. Hence you must take out the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) battery and keep it away for cooling. Then again replace it wherever it was located in the first place. 
  9. Check the hardware- if all of the above-mentioned methods do not work for your monitor to solve the problem, you will have to open up the monitor physically and check if there is any fault. Any loose, missing, or faulty component in the hardware of the monitor can cause this problem. 

You must consider all these methods for solving any problem regarding your monitor in the future. 

Why Does My Monitor Says No Signal – Buying Guide

When you are about to buy an electric device you always seek technical advice from many people as this stuff is usually expensive and needs guidance to buy it. But too many different pieces of advice can confuse you. Hence these are a few things you should keep in mind before buying a monitor that can avoid the problems of why my monitor says no signal.

  1. Screen Size- there are different sizes of screens available in every model of monitor. They can be as small as 17 inches or as big as 40 inches. Hence you must choose the size according to your wish. If you are considering playing games and watching entertainment, then you must go for a bigger size, or else a smaller screen size will work too. 
  2. Resolution Configuration- the resolution of the monitor means the maximum number of pixels that can be displayed on the monitor at the same time. It can be as high as 4K resolution where around 4 thousand pixels are displayed at the same time. So you can see all the graphics on the screen more clearly. 
  3. Refresh Rate- this is the most important feature to take care of in a monitor. The refresh rate is the number of times the monitor refreshes with every single image or visual. The higher the refresh rate the better that particular monitor is. A 144hz monitor refreshes 144 times every second. 
  4. Display- the display technology of the monitor must be advanced according to the generation. Previously we had the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) display technology. But now we have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) technologies. These are best for monitors as the displays are more advanced and high-tech. 
  5. Ports- while buying a monitor you must always check for its ports. As you might need to connect different devices to your monitor, there should be different types of ports available to do so. A monitor must have an HDMI port, a display port, and a digital visual interface port. 

You can buy a monitor from anywhere, online or offline. All types of monitors are available on digital shopping apps and even in your nearest local electronic shops. 

Why Does My Monitor Says No Signal Reviews

1. Samsung S40VA Monitor– 

why does my monitor say no signal

 Description: Colour- Black 

                           Brand- Samsung 

                          Screen type- Flat 

                          Screen size- 24 inches 

                          Refresh rate- 75 Hz 

                          Aspect ratio- 16:9

                         Display type- LED

                         Maximum resolution- 1920*1080 pixels

 Performance: as the maximum resolution of the monitor is high the screen display is crystal clear. It has a facial recognition feature so you can log into your monitor within a few seconds and start working. 

Comparison: it has a built-in webcam so that you can conduct your professional meetings and presentations without any problems and your face will be visible to others. You can connect multiple devices to the monitor with the HDMI port or the display port. 

Usage: it can be used by children as well as adults to complete their school work or office work. 

Pros: the monitor can be placed on a stand or can be mounted on the wall. 

Cons: this monitor doesn’t have a VGA connection port available. 

What’s New: You can tilt the monitor however you want. The monitor can be tilted at any angle according to your convenience. You can also adjust the height of the monitor at your eye level. 

Why should you buy it: this monitor has an in-built sound system that provides clear audio. It is a vertical and adjustable monitor. This monitor is work efficient. 

2. Acer SB220Q Monitor– 

why does my monitor say no signal

 Description: Colour- Black 

                           Brand- Acer 

                           Screen type- Flat 

                           Screen size- 21.5 inches 

                           Refresh rate- 75 Hz

                           Aspect ratio- 16:9

                           Display type- LED

                         Maximum resolution- 1920*1080 pixels 

Performance: the widescreen monitor displays the most amazing and clear visuals. With the Radeon freesync technology you can operate two completely different screens at the same time. The monitor can be tilted at any angle according to your convenience. 

Comparison: the screen is ultra-thin and frameless which improves and maximizes visibility. This Acer monitor has no record of problems like, ‘why does my Acer screen says no signal’. This monitor supports gaming and entertainment, unlike other simple monitors. 

Usage: it can be used for both professional as well as gaming purposes. 

Pros: the monitor is completely frameless which gives it an amazing look. 

Cons: it doesn’t have an in-built webcam. You will have to buy the webcam separately. 

What’s New: with the advanced IPS advanced technology and premium color contrast, you can watch the monitor from any wide-angle. You can adjust the monitor at your eye level for comfortable visuality. 

Why should you buy it: you can play games or watch entertainment in high definition. It has multiple inputs for HDMI cables and VGA cables. This Acer monitor won’t cause problems like, why does my Acer monitor say no signal. This monitor can be mounted on a wall or can be placed on a stand on a desk. 

3. LG 24MP88HV-S Monitor– 

why does my monitor say no signal

 Description: Colour- Black 

                           Brand- LG

                          Screen type- Flat 

                          Screen size- 24 inches 

                          Refresh rate- 75 Hz

                          Aspect ratio- 16:9

                          Display type- LED

                          Maximum resolution- 1920*1080

Performance: as this is an HD and IPS monitor it supports an infinite display. This display improves the color contrast and reproduction. It is much better than the liquid crystal displays. It has a proper screen control and you can enable the ‘read mode’ while working on the monitor. It reduces the stress on your eyes and causes less fatigue. 

Comparison: the SRGB of this monitor is over 99 percent. Hence this monitor is of great use for graphic designers, animators, photographers, and videographers. This monitor also has a black stabilizer. This mode lets you see the images on the screen properly in dark scenes. 

Usage: it can be used for personal as well as business purposes. Even children can use this monitor for their school work and assignments. 

Pros: the viewing angle of this monitor is a complete 178/178. 

Cons: this monitor doesn’t support freesync.

What’s New: This monitor has an on-screen control feature that helps you to adjust various settings of the monitor with a few clicks. The new arc-line design of the monitor stand makes it look classy and assures 100 percent stability of the monitor. 

Why should you buy it: the screen split function allows you to display and function multiple windows at the same time. It has a unique VESA compatibility through which it can be easily mounted on the wall. 

4. AOC 24B2XH Monitor– 

why does my monitor say no signal

 Description: Colour- Black 

                           Brand- AOC 

                          Screen type- Flat 

                          Screen size- 24 inches 

                          Refresh rate- 75 inches 

                          Aspect ratio- 16:9 

                          Display type- LED 

                         Maximum resolution- 1920*1080 

 Performance: the IPS display technology helps with wide viewing angles and displays different contrast colors very smoothly. The SRGB covers 100 percent and creates more pixels for a clear and non-blurry display. 

Comparison: the monitor has a 3 side frameless design that gives it a unique and classy look. Also, the monitor’s profile is ultra-slim and clear-cut. This monitor is compatible with multiple cable connectors. An HDMI cable is already provided with the monitor. 

Usage: it can be used for many different purposes like multimedia, personal, and business by both adults and children. It is great for entertainment purposes with its wide-angle display. 

Pros: the monitor has a matte screen surface. 

Cons: neither does it have an in-built webcam nor does this monitor support freesync. 

What’s New: The VESA features make it easy to mount on the wall. The visuals and the display enhance your gaming experience. This monitor also helps you enhance your productivity. This monitor won’t create problems like ‘why does my AOC monitor say no signal’.

Why should you buy it: the VGA*1 feature in this monitor allows different devices and cables to connect to the monitor. It also makes the monitor easy to connect different devices for audio out ports like headphones or speakers. 

5. Sceptre E225W-19203R Monitor– 

why does my monitor say no signal

 Description: Colour- Black 

                           Brand- Sceptre 

                          Screen type- Flat 

                          Screen size- 22 inches 

                          Refresh rate- 60 Hz 

                         Aspect ratio- 16:9 

                         Display type- LED 

                         Maximum resolution- 1920*1080 

 Performance: the color contrast ratio of this monitor is 1000:1 and the brightness of this monitor is almost perfect. It has the blue-light feature which makes working, gaming, surfing the internet, and reading easy in the dark and goes easy on your eyes and doesn’t cause any type of stress to your eyes. 

Comparison: even though the refresh rate is low the screen changes easily and smoothly without breaking. The screen doesn’t tear while changing the visuals. The anti-flicker feature displays a crisp and clear image on the monitor. 

Usage: this monitor can be used for professional work or daily purposes by children, college students, and adults. 

Pros: this monitor has a sleek metallic screen profile. 

Cons: this monitor has a very low refresh rate compared to other monitors. 

What’s New: the built-in speakers are suitable for professional gaming and watching TV shows and movies in high definition. These speakers deliver the most smooth audio ever. The monitor has a secret security lock behind it. You can easily put the lock on your monitor that keeps it attached to the wall and keeps it safe from stealing. 

Why should you buy it: this monitor is specially designed for working professionals. There are multiple ports including an HDMI port and a VGA port to connect various devices to the monitor at the same time. This monitor can be mounted on the wall and placed on a stand as well. 

6. Asus ProArt Display PA248QV Monitor– 

why does my monitor say no signal

 Description: Colour- Black 

                           Brand- Asus   

                           Screen type- Flat 

                           Screen size- 24.1 inches 

                           Refresh rate- 75 Hz 

                           Aspect ratio- 16:10 

                          Display type- LED 

                          Maximum resolution- 1920*1080

Performance: the SRGB of this monitor is over 100 percent. This feature allows users to work on detailed jobs. It doesn’t create pixelated images at all. The color contrast and coverage space of colors and brightness on the screen are great. It also doesn’t cause problems like ‘why does my Asus monitor say no signal’.

Comparison: the height of the monitor’s stand can be adjusted so you can keep the monitor screen at your eye level. There are different types of physical adjustment features like tilt adjustment, swivel adjustment, and pivot adjustment available to move the monitor at any angle according to the user. 

Usage: it can be used for both personal and professional purposes. Adults can do their office work on this monitor and children can complete their school work, projects, and assignments on it. 

Pros: built-in speakers are available on this monitor. 

Cons: this monitor doesn’t have a VGA connection port available.

What’s New: the personalized editing features like the ProArt palette and ProArt preset help you adjust the colors and brightness of the monitor according to your comfort. This monitor has eye-care technology like blue light that protects your eyes from harmful emissions and doesn’t stress your eyes at all. 

Why should you buy it: this monitor has all types of different connection ports like HDMI ports, Display ports, and USB 3.0 ports. This monitor also has a separate external audio port to connect earphones and speakers for extra volume. This monitor can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand as well. 


1. What are the symptoms of the no signal problem? 

The monitor makes a small beep sound of error and displays a window with a message saying error: no signal. The whole screen is resting and nothing else is displayed other than the error message. 

2. What is the best monitor size for office work from home? 

Monitors with size 22 or bigger than that are sufficient for working from home. As the bigger screen shows the details on the screen largely and you don’t have to stress your eyes by looking at small-sized figures. The monitors as large as 27 inches are perfect for professional use.  

3. Are gaming monitors useful for office work too? 

Yes. You can use your gaming monitor to do your office work or professional work. It works completely fine and runs smoothly for professional work too. But if your work is based on complicated designs with minute details, you can’t work on gaming monitors. As these monitors might be missing some features.