Is OLED Or LCD Better For Eyes

Is OLED Or LCD Better For Eyes?

The Test Of Screen

Two major types of monitors rule the market and have been a topic of debate too. Monitors that have an LCD screen and monitors with OLED screens. These two types have their unique features and have kept people thinking, is OLED or LCD better for eyes? To get to the resolution let us look into both these types.

LCD Screen For Eyes

In the LCD screen, the display gets supported by the backlight panel which makes the mode for DC dimming very appropriate. But the blue light it emits usually hurts the eyes when you use the monitor for a long. The high brightness of this blue LCD light is supported by the LED chip that filters the RGB pixel of the backlight. This blue light is harmful because it carries a wavelength of 400 to 500mm visible light.

Is OLED or LCD better for eyes

This light can reach through the eye’s lens and affect the retina. In severe cases, it can damage the retina permanently too. But this damage can surely be controlled. If you maintain a good distance away from the monitor while working and take frequent intervals off from the screen time too, you can protect your eyes. But having said that, this type of screen has its own merits that make users buy it.

OLED Screen For Eyes

Presently, the OLED screen uses PWM technology. It uses a light that has a frequency range of 50 to 500 Hz. Since the human eye is sensitive and is capable of handling a flicker of up to 250 Hz so, this light too can lead to fatigue of the eyes. But, because OLEDs there is a much lesser emission of blue light than the LCDs so, this impact on the fatigue of eyes is much lesser. So, even after spending a long time in front of an OLED screen, your eyes will remain lesser tired.

Benefits Of OLEDs

Is OLED or LCD better for eyes

If you are a video editor or a professional colorist you must be well aware of the longer duration of screen time. OLEDs are the best for your purpose as it hurts your eyes much lesser than LCDs. So, it can be safely said that OLED displays are better for the eyes and it has a better mode for the light display. The wide range of colors soothes the eyes and mellows any sharp contrast from striking the eyes directly.

OLEDs too have the potential to damage the eyes but the risks are much lesser than the LCD screens. It has a less range of flicker and less blue light emission which eventually leads to lesser fatigue of the eyes. Even the warmth of the light is lower and gives a much more soothing effect along with a good resolution. So, despite having the potential to strain the eyes, OLEDs are a much better option than LCDs for sure.