What is the best distance to sit from monitor

What is the Best Distance to Sit From Monitor?

It’s a Matter Of Distance

We all experience discomfort in the eyes after having longer screen time in front of the monitor. Even professionals and gamers face the same issues. In all probabilities, the reason is due to either we have sat too close or too far from the monitor which has put a strain on the muscle of our eyes. So the question that arises here is, what is the best distance to sit from the monitor? Let us dive into it and get an answer to this lingering question.

The Best Distance To Maintain From A Monitor

Reading larger texts is easier because it causes less strain on the eyes. But what do you do for small texts on the screen? How close do you take yourself to the monitor while reading the smaller text? When you sit too close to the monitor although it magnifies smaller texts, it also causes a greater strain on the eyes too. The same happens when you withdraw far away from the monitor and squint your eyes to read the contents on the monitor. Even when you overwork your eyes very much it may lead to fatigue too. This is why the experts always suggest sitting in a position that would make it much easier for your eyes to take in the image you are looking at.

What is the best distance to sit from monitor

How Far Will You Sit

Doctors and experts always suggest that while you are in front of the computer, try to sit at an arm’s distance away from the screen. It will keep the monitor 20 to 30 inches away from your eyes, which is just the perfect distance to maintain. While adjusting your sitting posture ensure that you can read the screen comfortably. The first line of the text must match the angle of your eyes from where you are sitting. If you are not required to tilt forward while reading or stressing your vision too then, it is the perfect distance to sit.

How To Take Care Of The Eyes In Front Of A Monitor

Increasing the font size puts must lesser strain on the eyes. If the eyes turn blurry and you experience a headache while looking at the monitor then you must take a break. Wash your eyes and give a little rest to then away from the screen. Longer duration in front of the monitor too turns our eyes dry and somehow, we even blink much lesser times. Try to blink frequently when in front of the monitor to keep the eyes lubricated.

What is the best distance to sit from monitor

Multiple Monitors

While you are working on multiple monitors, maintain the same distance from them but also ensure that the monitors are placed at the level of your vision. You much be sure that there is no excessive movement of the eyes or the head while monitoring them. If so, then make a change in the setting of their placement.