What is a daisy chaining monitor

What Is A Daisy Chaining Monitor?

As the nature of work has become more versatile so we are required to multitask a lot these days. So, often you must have come across many workstations that have got multiple monitor setups. Probably you too need such a setup now. But the problem is that when you are trying to connect many monitors that too within a limited workspace, it turns complicated. Then what can be a solution to it? Do you know what is a Daisy chaining monitor? Read everything about it here. It will help you to connect multiple monitors very easily within a limited workspace.

What is a daisy chaining monitor

The Process Of Daisy Chaining Monitors

Daisy chaining is about connecting multiple monitors with a pc but here the connection of cords is a little different. You connect the cord to each monitor in a series instead of directly connecting it to the pc. So, if you want to connect a three-monitor setup to the pc then connect the first two monitors with a video cable. And then connect the second and the third monitor with another video cable and plug only one monitor into the pc. You will see that all three monitors are aligned to whatever you perform on the pc.


One primary benefit of this system is that it cuts down the clutter on the workstation as you are not using many cables. Daisy Chaining also gives a boost to performance and productivity. It makes it much easier to work because while you do reference research on one monitor you can use the other for typing at the same time. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below.

  • Doing research
  • Data entry
  • Using multiple applications
  • Conferencing over the video call

It is not only about connecting multiple monitors but also connecting other external devices and hard drives to the same chain with a simple configuration process.

How Many Monitors Can You Connect

Daisy Chaining of monitors is dependent on the capacity of the GPU. Some GPUs can handle up to three while others up to six. You must also remember that only a limited quantity of pixel data is transferred leading to a lower resolution.

What is a daisy chaining monitor

Process Of Connecting Two Monitors Using Daisy Chaining Application

  • Check if the GPU of the pc supports MST Display Port 1.2
  • Connect the pc with the Display Port of the first monitor
  • Attach the output of the display port of the first monitor with the second monitor. Here you must follow the same process if you wish to add more monitors. The first monitor must connect with the second and the second with the third and the series shall go this way for more monitors.
  • On the on-screen display menu, enable the 1.2 Display Port on the pc.
  • Make sure that the last monitor in this chain has got its 1.2 Display Port disabled. On doing so you will find that all the monitors are now connected to the pc.