Can You Get Hacked Via HDMI

Can You Get Hacked Via HDMI?

In this age and day, there is a feeling that hackers lurk around each corner as they wait to grab the opportunity of taking advantage of innocent people- it can be through smart home devices, the credit card and of course the internet that you use. A team of researchers from FIU are currently studying ways to prevent businesses and individuals from a vulnerability that goes unsuspected – HDMI ports.

Another team at an organisation named CSL designed one patented solution that is called HDMI-Watch. It can track the hacks of HDMI in real time. This utilizes machine learning algorithms that are advanced. Here the system can learn about the typical HDMI commands which a device transmits and receives & is capable of detecting abnormal ones. The system will alert users if it detects any abnormal commands. It can make consumers aware of those malicious attacks out there so that we can prevent or stop them.

What is HDMI?

Can you get hacked via HDMI

The full form of HDMI is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a piece of auxiliary equipment that has become very common nowadays. It is used for transmitting videos and audio. While an HDMI cord is connected to 2 or more devices like a laptop to one monitor screen, as an example – the signal is connected to every other network thereby. The screen of the monitor is then made connected to the laptop and a power outlet, that shares a network of Wi-Fi with an Amazon Echo, an Xbox, a smartphone, a smart outlet that is controlled by one smartphone & so on.

Comment from experts

HDMI is used everywhere. According to one of the experts, there are a few very vulnerable configurations. When users connect their laptops to a television, they expect that as the ultimate thing. But it is not so easy. In some cases, hackers can reach each device that is connected through HDMI through one single connection of HDMI.

Can you get hacked via HDMI? 

Can you get hacked via HDMI

As mentioned earlier, users can get hacked via HDMI anywhere. Even public spaces and businesses such as sports arenas and airports with HDMI ports become vulnerable to this kind of attack. If the hackers can access the ports of HDMI, they can broadcast images that are potentially threatening on the screens. They can even tamper with informational displays like flash images or flight schedules which can cause epileptic seizures.

As HDMI transmits visual and audio signals, the determined hacker can also glean that info & invade the private space of the individuals at confidential conferences or meetings or at home. So, any individual who values the privacy of themselves and who uses HDMI is bound to get concerned. The steps that can be taken are to spread awareness among the general people about the vulnerability of HDMI. The manufacturers should include the system of HDMI-Watch in every device possible.